PEATMAP - peatland distribution maps based on meta-analysis, 1999-2010, Global

Xu, Jiren; Morris, Paul J.; Liu, Junguo; Holden, Joseph

PEATMAP is a GIS shapefile dataset that shows a distribution of peatlands that covers the entire world. It was produced by combining the most high quality available peatland map from a wide variety of sources that describe peatland distributions at global, regional and national levels. The following sequence of comparisons to discriminate between overlapping data sources were used: (1) Relevance. The most important criterion was that source data are able to identify peatlands faithfully and to distinguish them from other land cover types, especially non-peat forming wetlands. (2) Spatial resolution. In areas where two or more overlapping data sources were indistinguishable in terms of their relevance to peatlands, the dataset with the finest spatial resolution was selected. (3) Age. In any areas where two or more overlapping datasets were indistinguishable based on both their apparent relevance to peatlands and their spatial resolution, the data product that had been most recently updated was selected. Recently updated products commonly contain much older source data, the period over which the latest revision source data were collected as the primary measure of the age of a dataset.


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Xu, Jiren and Morris, Paul J. and Liu, Junguo and Holden, Joseph (2017) PEATMAP: Refining estimates of global peatland distribution based on a meta-analysis. University of Leeds. [Dataset]


Xu, Jiren

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Field Value
Identifier DOI: 10.5518/252
Institute University of Leeds
Publication Date 2017-09-19
Version 1.0
Product Global peatland distribution maps
Sensor Meta-analysis
  1. PEATMAP_data_sources.pdf
  2. readme.txt
  3. PEATMAP.jpg
Variables [Units]
  1. FID: feature ID
  2. PEAT_AREA: Area of peatland [m²]
Region Global
Spatial Reference EPSG:4087 WGS 84 / World Equidistant Cylindrical
Spatial Resolution 25m to 1 km
Spatial Coverage Latitude -90 to 90, Longitude -180 to 180
Temporal Coverage 1999-2010
Temporal Resolution
Format PDF, JPG, Shapefile
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Xu, J., Morris, P. J., Liu, J. and Holden, J.: PEATMAP: Refining estimates of global peatland distribution based on a meta-analysis, CATENA, 160, 134–140, doi:, 2018.

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Map tiles and data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.