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Featured Dataset: Pan-Arctic Visualization of Landscape Change (2003-2022), Arctic PASSION Permafrost Service

This raster dataset, in Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF format (COG), provides information on land surface changes at the pan-arctic scale. Multispectral Landsat-5 TM, Landsat-7 ETM+, and Landsat-8 OLI imagery (cloud-cover less than 80%, months July and August) was used for detecting disturbance trends (associated with abrupt permafrost degradation) between 2003 and 2022. For each satellite image we calculated the Tasseled Cap multi-spectral index to translate the spectral reflectance signal to the semantic information Brightness, Greenness, and Wetness. In order to characterize change information, we calculated the linear trend of the Brightness, Greenness and Wetness over two decades on the individual pixel level. The final map product therefore contains information on the direction and magnitude of change for all three Tasseled Cap parameters in 30m spatial resolution across the pan-arctic permafrost domain.

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