PerSys - ColdSpot CSP

“ColdSpots” (CSP) are regions with good in-situ observation infrastructure. In these regions, permafrost monitoring on the ground has been taking place for many years or field stations have been recently established. The product group “Cold Spots” (CSP) was established within the ESA DUE GlobPermafrost project. Products in this group allow to place the in-situ monitoring into a wider spatial and temporal context using high- (and moderate) resolution remote sensing products. Specifically, CSP show

  • Change in fraction of bottom fast lake ice

  • Terrain change by InSAR

  • Seasonal and long-term change in open water extent

  • Detection of features related to periglacial processes, thermokarst, thermoerosion, active layer detachment slides, pingos, ice wedge networks and coastal erosion