UAV-based methane data from Barter Island, September 2017, Barrow, 1986-2017, Alaska (US)

Oberle, Ferdinand K

Arctic permafrost stores vast amounts of methane (CH4) in subsurface reservoirs. Thawing permafrost creates areas for this potent greenhouse gas to be released to the atmosphere. Identifying "hot spots" of methane flux on a local scale has been limited by the spatial scales of traditional ground-based or satellite-based methane-sampling methods. Here we present methane data from along the coast of Barter Island, Alaska that was produced with an Unmanned Aerial System and an off-the-shelf, cost-effective methane sensor. The data was recorded in Sept., 2017 as part of a larger Arctic coastal erosion investigation study by the U.S. Geological Survey. The datasets contain latitude, longitude and CH4 (ppm).


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Oberle, Ferdinand K

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Field Value
Identifier DOI:10.1594/PANGAEA.898636
Institute U.S. Geological Survey, Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060, USA
Publication Date 2019-02-20
Version 1.0
Product UAV methane data
Sensor UAV methane sensor
  1. Methane (CH4) data from Barter Island on September 5, 2017
  2. Methane (CH4) data from Barter Island on September 3, 2017
  3. Methane (CH4) data from Barrow, Alaska, 1986-2017
Variables [Units]
  1. ID: Identification
  2. Latitude
  3. Longitude
  4. CH4: Methane [ppmv]
  5. Date/Time: YYYY-MM
Region Northern Alaska
Spatial Reference EPSG:4326 WGS 84
Spatial Resolution
Spatial Coverage Latitude 70.132331 to 71.323000, Longitude -156.611400 to -143.647148
Temporal Coverage 1986-2017
Temporal Resolution
Format tab delimited text
Is Supplement To
Related to
Is Supplement to Oberle, Ferdinand K; Gibbs, Ann E; Richmond, Bruce M; Erikson, Li H; Waldrop, Mark P; Swarzenski, Peter W (2019): Towards determining spatial methane distribution on Arctic permafrost bluffs with an unmanned aerial system. SN Applied Sciences, 1(236),

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