Thermo-erosional valleys and streams in ice-rich permafrost lowlands from Landsat, 2000, Hexagon, 1975, Lena Delta, Laptev and East Siberian Sea Region (RU)

Morgenstern, Anne; Grosse, Guido; Arcos, David Rico; Günther, Frank; Overduin, Pier Paul; Grigoriev, Mikhail N; Ulrich, Mathias; Spröte, Roland; Sandakov, Alexander

The published dataset provides an inventory of thermo-erosional landforms and streams in three lowland areas underlain by ice-rich permafrost of the Yedoma-type Ice Complex at the Siberian Laptev Sea coast. It consists of two shapefiles per study region: one shapefile for the digitized thermo-erosional landforms and streams, one for the study area extent. Thermo-erosional landforms were manually digitized from topographic maps and satellite data as line features and subsequently analyzed in a Geographic Information System (GIS) using ArcGIS 10.0. The mapping included in particular thermo-erosional gullies and valleys as well as streams and rivers, since development of all of these features potentially involved thermo-erosional processes.

Thermo-erosional features of the Lena Delta site were mapped on the basis of a Landsat-7 ETM+ image mosaic (2000 and 2001, 30 m ground resolution) [Schneider et al., 2009] and a Hexagon satellite image mosaic (1975, 10 m ground resolution) [G. Grosse, unpublished data] of the Lena River Delta within the extent of the Lena Delta Ice Complex [Morgenstern et al., 2011].

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Morgenstern, Anne

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Field Value
Identifier DOI:10.1594/PANGAEA.833958
Institute AWI Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Publication Date 2014-07-11
Version 1.0
Product Thermo-erosional valleys and streams
Sensor Landsat-7 ETM+, Hexagon
  1. streams
  2. study areas (ice complexes)
Variables [Units]
  1. name of ice complex [name]
Region Laptev and East Siberian Sea Region
Spatial Reference EPSG:32652 WGS 84 / UTM zone 52N
Spatial Resolution 10 m - 30 m
Spatial Coverage Latitude 72.01 to 73.13, Longitude 122.55 to 129.03
Temporal Coverage 1975, 2000, 2001
Temporal Resolution
Format Shapefile
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Morgenstern, Anne; Grosse, Guido; Günther, Frank; Fedorova, Irina; Schirrmeister, Lutz (2011): Spatial analyses of thermokarst lakes and basins in Yedoma landscapes of the Lena Delta. The Cryosphere, 5(4), 849-867,

Schneider, Julia; Grosse, Guido; Wagner, Dirk (2009): Land cover classification of tundra environments in the Arctic Lena Delta based on Landsat 7 ETM+ data and its application for upscaling of methane emissions. Remote Sensing of Environment, 113(2), 380-391,

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