Northern Circumpolar Soil Carbon Database, Russia, geotiff- and netCDF-files

Hugelius, Gustaf; Bockheim, James G.; Camill, Philip; Elberling, Bo; Grosse, Guido; Harden, Jennifer W.; Johnson, Kristofer D.; Jorgenson, Torre M.; Koven, Charles D.; Kuhry, Peter; Michaelson, Gary J.; Mishra, Umakant; Palmtag, Juri; Ping, Chien-Lu; O’Donnell, Jonathan A.; Schirrmeister, Lutz; Schuur, Edward A.G.; Sheng, Yongwei; Smith, Laurence C.; Strauss, Jens; Yu, Zicheng

The Northern Circumpolar Soil Carbon Database version 2 (NCSCDv2) is a geospatial database created for the purpose of quantifying storage of organic carbon in soils of the northern circumpolar permafrost region down to a depth of 300 cm. The NCSCDv2 is based on polygons from different regional soils maps homogenized to the U.S. Soil Taxonomy. The NCSCDv2 contains information on fractions of coverage of different soil types (following U.S. Soil Taxonomy nomenclature) as well as estimated storage of soil organic carbon (kg/m2) between 0-30 cm, 0-100 cm, 100-200 cm and 200-300 cm depth. The database was compiled by combining and homogenizing several regional/national soil maps. To calculate storage of soil organic carbon, these soil maps have been linked to field-data on soil organic carbon storage from sites with circumpolar coverage.

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Hugelius G, Bockheim JG, Camill, P, Elberling B, Grosse G, Harden JW, Johnson K, Jorgenson T, Koven C, Kuhry P, Michaelson G, Mishra U, Palmtag J, Ping C-L, O’Donnell J, Schirrmeister L, Schuur EAG, Sheng Y, Smith LC, Strauss J, Yu Z. (2013) A new dataset for estimating organic carbon storage to 3m depth in soils of the northern circumpolar permafrost region. Earth System Science Data, 5, 393–402, doi:10.5194/essd-5-393-2013.


Hugelius, Gustaf

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Field Value
Identifier doi:10.5879/ECDS/00000002
Project(s) NCSCD
Institute Stockholm University; Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research
Publication Date 2013-12-03
Version 2.0
Product Soil Classification
  1. Soil Organic Carbon Content (SOCC) in 30 cm, 100 cm, 200 cm, and 300 cm depth
  2. Areal percentage of individual pedons (Gelisol, Histel, Histosol, Orthel, Othsoil, Turbel and Non-Soil)
  3. Permafrost extent
Variables [Units]
  1. SOCC30: Soil Organic Carbon Content in 30 cm depth [hg C/m²]
  2. SOCC100: Soil Organic Carbon Content in 100 cm depth [hg C/m²]
  3. SOCC200: Soil Organic Carbon Content in 200 cm depth [hg C/m²]
  4. SOCC300: Soil Organic Carbon Content in 300 cm depth [hg C/m²]
  5. Areal percentage of pedon [%]
  6. Permafrost extent [Class]
Region Russia
Spatial Reference EPSG:4326 WGS 84 or ESRI:102017 North Pole Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area
Spatial Resolution 0.012° (WGS84); 1000 m (LAEA projection)
Spatial Coverage Latitude 34.28 to 90.00, Longitude 180.00 to -180.00
Temporal Coverage
Temporal Resolution
Format Geotiff, netCDF
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