Rockglacier and Slope Instability Inventory from differential SAR interferograms and optical imagery, 1998-2016, Northern Tien Shan

Strozzi, Tazio; Caduff, Rafael

Rockglaciers and other periglacial processes were mapped using visual analysis of differential SAR interferograms and satellite optical images (Google Satellite, Bing Aerial) between 1998 and 2016. Every object is assigned a process type (rockglacier, landslide etc.) and state-of-activity. State-of-activity indicates surface deformation rates in cm per year.

The inventory includes so far more than 900 objects over an area of more than 3000 kmĀ².


Strozzi, Tazio

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Field Value
Project(s) ESA GlobPermafrost
Institute GAMMA Remote Sensing Research and Consulting AG
Publication Date
Version 2.0
Product Rockglacier and Slope Instability Inventory
  1. Rockglacier and Slope Instability
Variables [Units]
  1. Process Type [Classes]: dead ice/ debris-covered glacier; dead ice / subsidence, ice-cored moraine, landslide, rockglacier, solifluction / superficial debris movement, unclear, undefined
  2. State-of-Activity [Classes]: 0-2 cm/year, 2-10 cm/year, 10-50 cm/year, 50-100 cm/year, >100 cm/year, undefined
Region Tien Shan
Spatial Reference EPSG:32643 WGS 84 / UTM zone 43N
Spatial Resolution
Spatial Coverage Latitude 42.76 43.21, Longitude 76.55 to 77.56
Temporal Coverage 1998-2016
Temporal Resolution
Format Shapefile
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