Footprints of MACS aerial images from POLAR 6 ThawTrend_Air_2019 flight campaign in northern Alaska (US)

Nitze, Ingmar; Grosse, Guido; Gessner, Matthias; Sachs, Torsten

This datasets contains the footprints of the DLR MACS (Modular Aerial Camera System) acquisitions (RGB + NIR) during the AWI ThawTrendAir2019 campaign on POLAR 6 from 10 July until 1 August 2019. This mission was based in Utkiagvik/Barrow, Alaska, USA. The aerial images were acquired to map permafrost related land cover and landforms in very high resolution and to create multi-spectral orthomosaics and digital surface models (DSM) across the Arctic Coastal Plain (North Slope) of Alaska. The acquired datasets cover grids of specific targets (e.g. coastal erosion, fire scars, permafrost degradation) as well as transects. The footprint files were created to search for data availability and data selection purposes. Data were extracted from raw MACS files using DLR MACS-BOX Mosaica Software and processed with custom python scripts (


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Nitze, Ingmar

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Field Value
Identifier DOI:10.1594/PANGAEA.930746
Institute AWI Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Publication Date 2021-04-23
Version 1.0
Product Footprints of MACS aerial images
Sensor MACS (Modular Aerial Camera System)
  1. Data description PDF
  2. Overview map of covered footprints
  3. Closeup of RGB (visual) footprints north of Teshekpuk lake
  4. Closeup of NIR (near-infrared) footprints north of Teshekpuk lake
  5. Dissolved footprint of the entire mission (Dataset #1)
  6. Dissolved footprints of sub-missions/projects (Dataset #2)
  7. Individual image footprints of the entire mission including individual image metadata (Dataset #3)
Variables [Units]
  1. Dataset: Name of subproject
  2. Basename: Original file name/identifier
  3. msOfDay: Timestamp of the day [milliseconds]
  4. Lat[deg]: Latitude
  5. Lon[deg]: Longitude
  6. Alt[m]: Altitude
  7. Roll[deg]: Roll angle
  8. Pitch[deg]: Pitch angle
  9. Yaw[deg]: Yaw angle
  10. Omega[deg]: Omega angle
  11. Phi[deg]: Phi angle
  12. Kappa[deg]: Kappa angle
  13. Time_UTC: Timestamp UTC
  14. Time_Loc: Timestamp local time (AKDT)
  15. Sensor: MACS Sensor (RGB or NIR)
  16. Looking: Sensor direction (RGB: right or left, NIR: center)
  17. layer: Name of acquisition sub-project/mission
Region Arctic Coastal Plain, Alaska
Spatial Reference EPSG:4326 WGS 84
Spatial Resolution
Spatial Coverage Latitude 68.88 to 71.31, Longitude -161.17 to -150.08
Temporal Coverage 2019-07-14T00:11:07 to 2019-07-31T23:48:23
Temporal Resolution
Format Shapefile

Dataset extent

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