Surface Subsidence Map from Sentinel-1 InSAR, 2016-2018, Lena Delta, Laptev and East Siberian Sea Region (RU)

Strozzi, Tazio

Surface subsidence was derived from Sentinel-1 synthetic aperture radar time-series with a spatial resolution of 10 m. Maps show the averaged displacement rates during the snow free seasons of 2016 to 2018. Subsidence is in the satellite line-of-sight direction (incidence angle ranges between 29.1° and 46.0°) and is restricted to areas where interferometric coherence is sufficiently high.


Strozzi, Tazio

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Field Value
Project(s) ESA GlobPermafrost
Institute GAMMA Remote Sensing Research and Consulting AG
Publication Date
Version 2.0
Product group ColdSpot CSP
Product Surface Subsidence
Sensor Sentinel-1
  • Surface Subsidence
Variables [Units]
  • Line of Sight displacement [m]
Region Laptev and East Siberian Sea Region
Spatial Reference EPSG:32652 WGS 84 / UTM zone 52N
Spatial Resolution 10 m
Spatial Coverage Latitude 70.97 to 73.06, Longitude 123.45 to 130.12
Temporal Coverage 2016-07-22 to 2016-09-26; 2017-06-29 to 2017-10-15; 2018-06-12 to 2018-10-10
Temporal Resolution
Format Geotiff

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