Land Cover Classification from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2

Land cover classes have been derived from bands of Sentinel-2 (bands 3 (green, 10m), 4 (red, 10m), 8 (near infrared, 10m), 11 (SWIR, 20m) and 12 (SWIR, 20m)) as well as Sentinel-1 VV (IW mode) using a combined approach of unsupervised and supervised classification. The dataset comprises the classification result as well as the signature file for the Maximum Likelihood Classification. Covered areas are: Western Siberia (Russia), Barrow (Alaska), Teshekpuk (Alaska), Mackenzie Delta (Canada), Umiuaq (Canada), Kytalyk (Russia), Lena Delta (Russia), Seward peninsula (Alaska), Yukon Delta (Alaska).