Permafrost Region Disturbances across the Arctic and Subarctic

The data quantify the abundance and distribution of three primary permafrost region disturbances (PRD; lakes and their dynamics, wildfires, retrogressive thaw slumps) using trend analysis of 30-m resolution Landsat imagery from 1999-2014 and auxiliary datasets. The dataset spans four continental-scale transects in North America (Alaska, Eastern Canada) and Eurasia (Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia), covering 2.3M kmĀ² or ~10% of the permafrost region. This data publication contains geospatial vector files (polygons) of the perimeters of PRD. The data are subdivided by PRD type (lakes, wildfire, retrogressive thaw slumps) and further subdivided by study region (T1_WS, T2_ES, T3_AK, T4_EC).

  • T1_WS: Western Siberia
  • T2_ES: Eastern Siberia
  • T3_AK: Alaska
  • T4_EC: Eastern Canada