Ground Temperature Map, 2000-2016, Northern Hemisphere Permafrost

Obu, Jaroslav; Westermann, Sebastian; Kääb, Andreas; Bartsch, Annett

The product provides modeled mean annual ground temperatures (MAGT) at the top of the permafrost for the Northern Hemisphere at 1 km spatial resolution. Permafrost probability (fraction values from 0 to 1) is assigned to each grid cell with MAGT < 0°C. Based on its permafrost probability each grid cell is classified as continuous, discontinuous and sporadic permafrost. The processing extent covers exposed land areas of Northern Hemisphere down to 25 ° latitude. The mean MAGT was validated with GTN-P and TSP borehole ground temperature data yielded RMS of 2.0 °C. According to the results permafrost (MAGT < 0 °C) covers 15 % of exposed land of the Northern Hemisphere.

More Information about the modelling method can be found in the product guide.


Obu, Jaroslav

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Field Value
Identifier DOI:10.1594/PANGAEA.888600
Project(s) ESA GlobPermafrost
Institute University of Oslo
Publication Date
Version 3.0
Product group Permafrost Extent and Properties PEX
Product Modeled Ground Temperature
  • Mean Annual Ground Temperature (MAGT)
  • MAGT Standard Deviation
  • Permafrost Probability Fraction
  • Permafrost Zonation
Variables [Units]
  • Mean Annual Ground Temperature (MAGT) [C°]
  • MAGT Standard Deviation [C°]
  • Permafrost Probability [Fraction]: 0-1
  • Permafrost Zones [Classes]: Continuous, Disontinuous, Isolated, Sporadic
Region Circum-Arctic
Spatial Reference EPSG:3995 WGS 84 / Arctic Polar Stereographic
Spatial Resolution 1000 m
Spatial Coverage Latitude -9.89 to 90.00, Longitude -180.00 to 180.00
Temporal Coverage 2000-2016
Temporal Resolution
Format Geotiff

Dataset extent

Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.