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Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.

Featured Project: PerSys

The Permafrost Information System (PerSys) is conceptualized as an open access geospatial data dissemination and visualization portal for the ESA GlobPermafrost project. PerSys will integrate the GlobPermafrost products and where possible, also results from previous projects, in particular from ESA DUE Permafrost, ESA SST ALANIS and EU FP7 PAGE21.


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PerSys WebGIS for GlobPermafrost data

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Involved Projects

  • persys


    The Permafrost Information System (PerSys) is conceptualized as an open...

    View PerSys
  • globpermafrost

    ESA GlobPermafrost

    Permafrost and frozen grounds are key elements of the terrestrial Cryosphere...

    View ESA GlobPermafrost
  • esa-due-permafrost

    ESA DUE Permafrost

    The PERMAFROST project was funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) Data...

    View ESA DUE Permafrost
  • page21


    Changing Permafrost in the Arctic and its Global Effects in the 21th Century...

    View PAGE21
  • interact-samoylov

    Samoylov Virtual Access

    Samoylov Virtual Access The Research Station Samoylov Island is situated in...

    View Samoylov Virtual Access
  • gtn-p


    Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost GTN-P is the primary international...

    View GTN-P
  • ipa-action-group-the-yedoma-region-a-synthesis-of-circum-arctic-distribution-and-thickness

    IPA Action Group: The Yedoma Region

    Ice-rich permafrost is especially vulnerable to Arctic warming. Background:...

    View IPA Action Group: The Yedoma Region
  • peta-carb


    Arctic permafrost deposits are estimated to freeze-lock as much carbon in the...

    View PETA-CARB